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KOPANIS SA has a separate Retail Sales Department, which cooperates with consumer goods outlets, Independent Outlets, Group Outlets, National Chains of Super Markets in areas of the regional units of Phthiotis, Evrytania, Phocis and Boeotia.


The sales team visit all the stores at least once a week and provide a wide range of products. The entire procedure, from ordering to invoicing and delivery of products, is fully computerized.

Τhe Retail Sales Department, which has undertaken the procedure of ordering, is equipped with Android Tablets, which place the orders in real time before they are systemically and naturally promoted and fulfilled.

Sales FMCG & Trade Marketing.

  • We collaborate with some of the greatest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies in Greece.
  • We manage their product categories because we have excellent knowledge of the market.
  • We are in constant contact with our clients network so as to better manage our stocks and implement the appropriate promotion policies in order to provide every Retail Outlet with the best commercial solution.


In this way, at any moment we are able to suggest the best product at the best price to every Retail Outlet.


Our salespersons pay planned visits to Retail customers in order to inform them about promotional actions and shelf-arrangement, and receive orders.

Then, the orders are registered and sent via Android Tablets by the salespersons to the SFA (Sales Force Automation) system, and the goods are delivered to the consignee within 24-48 hours.

The fully computerized activities of the salespersons via Android Τablets offer the following advantages:


  • Smart presentation of products with pictures.
  • Displaying Discounts and Promotional Actions.
  • On-line briefing about the availability of products.
  • Convenient ordering environment.
  • Order value management.
  • Collection management.
  • Advertising material management.
  • Return management
  • Economic & Statistical Customer Data Management.
  • Access to Order Background & Invoices.


Our sales team, which is exclusively involved in Retail and Large Chains, provides us with the opportunity to offer additional “Merchandizing” services, such as:


  • Shelf Display Management (Filling, FIFO Control, Out-of-Stock Control, Planner,)
  • Launching new codes
  • Monitoring – Managing – Controlling promotional actions.
  • Shelf and 2nd Point Pictures.
  • Competition Monitoring – Price Collection.


We provide our customers with products and services according to their needs and we always support them through frequent visits by our sales team. Our actions are targeted at every specific point. We discern the needs of our customers and provide products and solutions that add value to them.


Constantly improving our customers’ experience is a permanent reason for development for us and our daily pursuit.