KOPANIS SA operates the organized distribution network Exvan (mobile invoicing) in order to cover, through frequent visits, all sales outlets of its products, from small retail spots to the large-scale national super-market chains, using the Mobile World™ SFΑ mobile invoicing business solution by Infosupport.

Our company considers customer services of utmost importance.

The model of Exvan sales has specific operational requirements.

Mobile Invoicing solution makes the overall procedure fully computerized because, in practice, the Driver-Salesperson gets to the sales outlet, with the products in the vehicle, and, via a high-standard and extremely durable Android Smartphone, he is able to receive an order, invoice, be paid and instantly deliver the products to the customer at the same moment.

The itineraries and the delivery of products are planned in the best possible way in order for the company to save valuable time, while the drivers are not subject to unscheduled repeated runs and delayed communication with the head offices, as they communicate in real time.

Computerized procedures enable moving drivers of the company to increase their productivity and finally provide better services to the customers.

The functionalities of the system include:

  • Issuing Summary Consignment Note
  • Issuing Supporting Documents
  • Collecting Money and Analyzing Customer Card Balance
  • Supporting Returns and Warehousing Suitable and Unsuitable Items
  • Suggesting Following Day Deliveries
  • Managing Full Invoicing and Discount Policy
  • Managing Merchandizing Operations
  • Intra-distribution among Ex-Van Vehicles
  • Managing Fixed Assets