The history of the trading company KOPANIS SA started in 1985 in the city of Lamia. Georgios and Christina Kopanis, the parents of the current owners, established their first store at 2 Dimoloulia Street, which still provides retail services. Not before long, the store became commercially successful and laid strong foundations for further development. 

Continuing the successful commercial development of their parents, the two brothers, Stylianos and Ioannis Kopanis, expanded and transferred the business in 1991 at 5 Dimoloulia Street under the name G. KOPANIS & SONS Partnership. Τhe object of the business was general commerce in the fields of packaging items, detergents and a variety of paper products.

The successful development continued in the following years. As a result, in 2000, at the entrance of the city of Lamia, on Antoni Tritsi Street, the two brothers established the company KOPANIS Partnership at a new, privately-owned building, at the same time maintaining the original store in the city. The new commercial expansion is accommodated in new facilities, including a warehouse of 800 m2 and a Cash & Carry sore covering an area of 700m2. In this way, the company, through an organized ordering network, is able to quickly and effectively meet the needs of its customers.

The next and biggest commercial step was taken in 2011 with the establishment and operation of the new company KOPANIS SA at the 4th km of the Old National Road Lamia-Athens, at privately-owned facilities covering an area of 6000 m2, including 4000 m2 of modern Dry Bulk warehouses with 2800 pallet positions, and 1500 m2 of refrigeration-freezing spaces with a capacity of 1200 pallet positions.

In particular, KOPANIS SA is a modern company mainly aiming at meeting the needs of the entire supply chain. Our will to provide better services has led us to apply a certified Logistics system, i.e. the department that manages the supply chain by designing, implementing and controlling the effective forward and reverse flow of goods, services and relevant data from the point of origin to the point of consumption, so that the customers’ demands can be satisfied.

It uses enhanced services in distribution, quality products, qualified staff, and the state-of-the-art Galaxy ERP and Aberon WMS platforms for Warehouse Management.

Through a specialized multichannel sales and distribution network, it serves the National Super Market Chains (Distribution & Triangular Deliveries), Retail Market and Mass Catering enterprises by providing products of the most important Greek and foreign companies in the fields of dairy products, cured meat products, confectionary & bakery raw materials, cooking aids, catering items and frozen products.

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Our Values


We insist on quality and our top priority is to ensure it at every stage of our procedures.


We never jeopardize safety at any stage of our activities.


Cooperation with every customer and client should be based on trust, honesty and mutual benefit. We propose the best solution and fulfill all our promises.


Passion describes all of our activities in order to serve our clients nonstop.


As the fulfillment of our goals is the result of team efforts, we strongly believe that the team is higher than the sum of individual efforts.


Creating added value in the members of our team, our customers, our suppliers, i.e. in all those participating in the chain of our operations, is the key to our success.


We fully meet our customers’ expectations by instantly adapting to the new logistics conditions.


We work hard and smart in order to strengthen and train the members of our team so that they can offer creative and innovative solutions.


A special feature of our Company is the integration of innovations that further upgrade the levels of Quality and Reliability, while at the same time, they hold operating costs down, or even reduce them, for the benefit of both parties.


Full implementation of all regulations on setting up and running the specific operations and the Rules of Good Practice that govern the kind and the nature of operations.


We have gained your trust. We have pursued and managed to be close to both professional and ordinary consumers. We have managed

Established in 1985

  • 1985

    Establishment of sole proprietorship by Georgios and Christina Kopanis.
  • 1991

    Stylianos and Ioannis Kopanis, sons of the owners, join the company, which is transferred to a new address under the name G. KOPANIS & SONS Partnership.
  • 2000

    Construction of new, privately-owned facilities – warehouse 800 m2 and a Cash & Carry store 700 m2 – at the entrance of the city, on Antoni Tritsi Street, on behalf of KOPANIS Partnership.
  • 2011

    Establishment of KOPANIS S.A. and operation in new, privately-owned and modern facilities at Komma, Lamia, covering an overall area of 6000 m2.

Company Goals

  • Satisfying our customers by providing them with high-quality services at a predetermined moment via a perfectly organized quality assurance system.
  • Offering a wide range of products to wholesalers – retailers via integrated Logistics services, using leading edge technical equipment.
  • Holding a high status and a powerful position in the field of Logistics as one of the main providers and suppliers of food products and a variety of consumables that cover the needs of Central Greece.
  • Identifying our customers’ needs and satisfy them quickly and reliably, taking into consideration the particularities and demands of every customer, depending on the kind of products they buy and the place of delivery.
  • Ensuring smooth flow throughout the whole food supply chain, thus saving time and costs.
  • Constantly evaluating and optimizing company procedures; steadily upgrading operational procedures from supply chain to customer service as well as increasing productivity and saving resources.
  • Increasing competitiveness.
  • Identifying our customers’ needs and reliably and quickly meeting them, taking into consideration the particularities and the requirements of every customer, depending on the kind of products they purchase and the specified delivery point.
  • Ensuring smooth flow of the supply chain, thus saving time and costs.
  • Constantly assessing and optimizing the procedures of the company; upgrading business procedures from supply chain to customer service as well as increasing productivity and saving resources is always our fixed aspiration.
  • Increasing competitiveness.