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Many years of experience in supplying community groups have offered KOPANIS SA deep knowledge of particularities, demanding schedules, high seasonality, and concerns about consequences of incomplete coverage, while the company assumes full responsibility of its business plan to effectively meet every need of the customer.

Our Advantage

Ho.Re.Ca activities are of special nature, given that they include categories of sensitive products. Daily deliveries and just-in-time supplies are quite frequent.

Our people have the experience and the appropriate knowledge to manage a large portfolio of 10,000 code numbers, taking care of both the effective replenishment of stocks through forecast of demand models and market coverage rate, even in the most distant locations of the regional units of Phthiotis, Evrytania, Phocis, Boeotia and N. Euboea.

Through an organized and fixed schedule of visits, the Ho.Re.Ca Sales Department is always beside the customers, listens to their needs and concerns, and provides them with consultancy services regarding the range of offered products and the presentation of effective solutions. Customer service with regard to orders is also supported by the Teleorders department, which operates on a daily basis providing prompt service and communication with our customers. A comparative advantage is the use of the SFA system that provides salespersons and the call center with access to a host of information about every customer and their range of products. Salespersons can place their order online, while being at the location of the final consignee, and the order can be routed.


Consultancy Services

Having long specialized in the field of Mass Catering, KOPANIS SA not only offers the broadest range of products at the most competitive prices, but also provides consultancy services.


Because the company wanted to share all its expertise, it has created a modern facility where our clients can become familiar with innovative products, experiment with new ideas, and be trained in special techniques by acclaimed chefs, baristas, etc.


The key factor differentiating our company is the daily contact of our salespersons with our customers. We have earned the trust of our customers and we feel proud when our values come true every day.


Constantly improving our customers’ experience is a permanent reason for development for us and our daily pursuit.

Top quality of products has always been an unconditional selection of our company.

Product categories

Confectionery & Bakery Raw Materials

Cooking Aids

Cured Meat Products

Dairy Products

Catering Items

Frozen Standardized Products

Packaging Items

Paper Products

Detergents & Cleaning Materials

Professional Equipment