We provide personalized operation, warehousing and distribution services, always adapted to the particularities of each stocker.

KOPANIS SA belongs to the 3PL category of companies, which really listens and understands the needs of the market and its clients, adapts to them and takes over, on their behalf, full control of their supply chain.

We Provide

  • Personalized operation, warehousing and distribution services for every customer demand or project particularity.


  • Design of the ideal management of the warehousing and distribution center so that maximum performance and economies of scale can be ensured for every client.


  • Implementation of the ideal management of the flow of goods from acceptance, warehousing and distribution to the final delivery point.


  • Information and data collection and analysis at all stages of the supply chain.

We Ensure

  • Quality of our services at every stage of the supply chain by combining appropriate procedures, appropriate facilities and manpower.


  • All conditions guaranteeing safe warehousing and proper distribution of our clients’ products as per our certified distribution system.


  • Instant delivery at lowest possible cost.


  • The company applies multiple stages of internal control throughout the procedures and ensures full implementation of all regulations on setting up and carrying out its activities.

Effectively combining manpower, information systems and procedures, we provide rapid and accurate management of warehouse operations, such as:

  • Loading/Unloading and Acceptance Management
  • Warehousing-Management of Dry or Cool bulk stock on “Back-to-Back” shelves
  • FIFO, FEFO, LIFO Management
  • Expiry Date Management
  • Lot Management
  • Serial Number Management
  • Order Preparation & Item Picking
  • Door-tο-Door Deliveries
  • Issue – Management of Documents & General Documentation
  • Quality Control Procedures
  • Product Traceability & Recall
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Unsuitable Product Management.
  • Repackaging & Label Glueing
  • General & Cycle Stock Counting
  • Available Stock per Stocker and per SKU
  • Insurance Coverage


We provide integrated product warehousing services at our sophisticated privately-owned facilities that cover an area of 6000 m2 at Komma, Lamia, 3500m2 of which are intended for warehousing Dry Bulk and 1200 m2 are Refrigeration and Freezing chambers.


The warehousing and distribution network is managed using the Aberon WMS platform by Optimum. Door-to-Door delivery of goods to the final consignee is carried out using private company vehicles.


The biggest challenge we face every day is to improve the services we provide.


We aim at providing high-standard Logistics services to the companies we represent.


We effectively support the current needs of our clients, while, at the same moment, our flexibility helps us adapt to market demands by reducing costs and upgrading the level of the services we provide using innovative solutions.

We provide Logistics services adapted to the particularities of every client.


KOPANIS SA undertakes the warehousing and distribution of merchandise on behalf of third parties and, through the integrated solutions it offers, it can meet any demand. Stock network and distribution management is carried out using the Aberon WMS platform by Optimum, which ensures full control, efficiency and accuracy, while it also provides the possibility of monitoring the stock in every separate storage space and position with regard to every independent stocker. The Company manages all types of goods, dry or refrigerated, in all possible units of measurement, i.e. kilos, items, crates, pallets. It can also manage expiry dates, lots and serial numbers, while the stocks are monitored via FIFO, FEFO or LIFO strategy, depending on the stocker’s needs. Other individual systems and procedures are used that control and ensure storage conditions (temperature-humidity) appropriate for every type of product. Sampling controls are also carried out in order to ensure the quality of our products and services provided, at every stage of the procedure, as per certification standards ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.


Ordering is a service assigned to us by our client and involves implementing the predetermined plan of their sales, from the moment of ordering until delivery to the final point.

The procedure includes visiting the facility, receiving the order, online ordering, stock control, collection, preparation, packaging, scheduling and, finally, loading the merchandise to be delivered to the final point.

Our company manages all SKU units, i.e. item, display, crate and pallet.


A modern distribution center and a state-of-the-art fleet of refrigerator trucks designed for the safe transportation of food products – always in accordance with our certified distribution system – enables us to instantly respond to our customers’ needs. As a result, the company makes Door-To-Door scheduled deliveries to more than 300 destinations in the regional units of Phthiotis, Evrytania, Phocis, Boeotia and N. Euboea.

Through its Routing system, the company manages to respect the agreed terms and deadlines, thus meeting the customer’s demands. Therefore, it operates a Smart Navigation Fleet Management satellite system, which monitors the positions of company trucks so that the company can have a full picture of the distribution procedure in real time.


Our company considers that accuracy of stock inventories and the reliability of the company should be ensured for the benefit of its clients, who entrust the company with the task of keeping and managing their stocks. Therefore ,the company has established specific steps of stock control at every stage of operation at the distribution center as well as an organized inventory system.

Cycle and extraordinary inventories are carried out, which are monitored via the Aberon WMS, thus enabling our company to notify the stocker at any moment – via specific reports and indications – of the stocks.


Via Aberon WMS, the company KOPANIS SA can refer to data of a specific lot-item expiry date, such as customer’s details, amount/quantity, delivery address, distribution date, vehicle and distribution driver.


It is therefore able to respond to any request of the client for recalling or withdrawing specific products.


Exploiting the possibilities of our information systems enables us to provide information about the stocks, their expiry dates, imports and orders, invoicing and returns of every stocker.

Particularly important is the possibility of monitoring a big number of KPIS (Key Performance Indicators), such as the indicators OTIF (On Time In Full), Picking Accuracy, Stock Accuracy, Order Cycle Time, ABC Analysis of the items, as well as the visualization of a large amount of data and information via Olaps, BI Dashboards and Reports with comparative analyses.